Chat with Sharron Bates - Director of “Strong Coffee: The Story of Cafe Feminino” - 2007 CIFF series

I had a really nice chat/interview with Canadian filmmaker Sharron Bates about her documentary film “Strong Coffee: The Story of Cafe Feminino“, a film to be screened at the 2007 Calgary International Film Festival.

Sharron and I talked about how the idea of a film about a cooperative of women coffee growers in Peru came about, the back story of how Cafe Feminino has helped women in Peru and in North America, technical details of the film making like budget, equipment used, and other interesting topics.

You can
listen to my interview with Sharron in mp3, or you can stream or download the interview here.

Note: Sharron plans to attend the screening and there is a tasting of Cafe Feminino coffee afterward the screening.

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